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KASUGA   ENTERPRISES    Design   Group,   is   an   independent   consulting   firm   providing acoustics   and   sound   system   design,   audio/video   presentation   system   design.   We   are focused   on   designing   the   most   effective   technical   solution   for   the   users   needs   and then successfully integrating that solution into the architectural environment. Sound   and   video   systems   are   used   in   lecture   theaters,   video   conference   suites,   city council    chambers,    corporate    or    government    training    facilities,    as    well    as    retail    or museum    multimedia    displays...    any    place    where    people    need    to    be    entertained, educated,    or    must    communicate    more    effectively.    All    this    technology    must    be integrated   into   the   architectural   and   acoustical   environment   to   work   effectively.   This   is our   role,   to   assist   the   design   team   in   bringing   the   technology   and   the   environment together    into    a    functional    whole,    while    maintaining    the    architectural    vision    of    the designer. We     take     turnkey     Consultation     for     Auditorium     and     Cinema     projects     for     space management,    sound    proofing,    fire    detection    system,    Electrification,    lighting    system, with   audio   and   acoustics.   We   do   consultation   for   AC   installation   and   duct   design   for such   a   projects   as   this   is   also   very   important   for   their   return   air   system   design   to support the acoustics without any problems. Look at the areas of our work scope Auditorium acoustics design consultancy Banquet & ballroom acoustics and AV design consultancy Bar & lounge acoustical AV design solutions Club & disco sound proofing acoustical AV design solutions Concert hall and theater acoustics and AV design Convention center acoustics and AV design consultancy Acoustics & AV design for hospitality Hotel acoustic AV design consultancy Movie mixing surround studio acoustic design Worship hall acoustics and audio design Exclusive preview and home theater acoustical design Cafes & restaurant AV and acoustical design Cinema theater acoustics and projection system design with DTS/DOLBY sound Conference Room Design Environmental Noise & Vibration Control solutions We   use   the   sophisticated   simulation   tools   in   designing   the   acoustics,   AV   sound   as   an Acoustics   and AV   Consultant.   We   generate   this   report   before   we   start   on   the   actual   plan for   acoustic   treatment, AV   installations. After   the   treatment   we   generate   the   same   report to verify the acoustic results and confirm.   Acoustic Consultant in Mumbai India, Kasuga, Ravi Rele