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Mr. Ravi Rele - Proprietor   Mr.   Ravi   Rele   has   been   doing   consultation   in   Acoustics,   AV and   designing   audio   system   for   all   requirements   including electro-acoustic   consultation   since   1987.   He   has   successfully carried   out   various   projects   in   such   a   span   of   time.   Acoustic design    for    professional    music    spaces    requires    a    highly professional   approach. At   KASUGA   ENTERPRISES   ,   we   strive to   provide   clients   with   expert   and   efficient   service,   ensuring   a structured   and   timely   development   of   a   superior   quality   and long-lasting   project.   With   over   30   years   of   experience,   we have   extensive   knowledge   of   architectural   acoustics,   system performance.    Our    experience    has    taught    us    that    no    two projects    pose    the    same    challenges,    nor    do    they    have identical   needs.   We   are   committed   to   providing   completely customized   design   solutions,   the   highest   level   of   service   and   the   latest   in   cutting   edge A/V technology. We   have   the   skills   and   knowledge   to   transform   any   space,   so   the   acoustical   quality   is ultimately   determined   only   by   the   will   of   the   client.   Many   years   of   hands-on   experience, combined   with   3D   technological   advancements,   give   us   the   ability   to   predict   any   room’s acoustical    response.    Simulations    tools        are    cost-effective    programs    for    acoustical mapping    and    help    understand    the    auralization    of    a    space    before    it    is    built.    Early planning   and   the   integration   of   a   carefully   customized   A/V   system   design   yield   a   music space everyone will enjoy for years to come. KASUGA ENTERPRISES 115, Manish Ind. Est. 3, Navghar, VASAI ( E ), Dist. Palghar 401-210. Maharashtra, ( INDIA ). e-mails ravirele@gmail.com kasugaenterprises@gmail.com   Web-Sites www.kasugaonline.in www.kasugaonline.co.in   Mobile Numbers +919623367139 / +919422667559 Acoustic Consultant, Audio Visual Consultant, Auditorium Consultant, Cinema Multiplex Design Consultant.